Sonntag, 10. März 2013
About this blog
My passion for single malt whisky and my affinity to Scotland and its beautiful landscape made me think of starting my own blogging activities. It all started roughly ten years ago when I was sitting on my couch on a cold Sunday evening and tasted my first single malt - rather by accident as I was looking for a digestif. For lack of Vodka or other alcohol, I opened a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 years old, an old bottle that my parents brought along as gift some years before and that I had never opened. The experience of tasting this malt was incredible and opened my eyes for whisky. During the months that followed I increased the number of bottlings and started to read and inform myself about this drink. Today, ten years later, I am the proud owner of more than 150 bottles, mainly from independent bottlers, dozens of books, jugs, glasses, an empty Bowmore cask and other collectors' items. Whisky has become an all-dominant part of my life, my calendar is dominated by tastings, trade fairs and forum activities. Besides my passion for whisky and mostly single malts I am married to a wonderful wife, we have two cats and live near Heidelberg in Germany. I am 36 and work in communications for a big German company.
By the way - this blog is not meant to be a multiplier of press releases or news by the industry. There are many blogs out there where you will find daily updated news from the whisk(e)y world and which are truly great. Only if I really see a need you will find such information - but this blog is rather about my commentsbut and my ideas. I will from now on share tasting notes, ideas, pictures and many other things on whisky with you on a regular base - I hope you will enjoy! Sláinte mhath.