Donnerstag, 21. März 2013
Top 5 Official Bottlings unfortunately not in the bang-for-your-buck category (but fantastic ones nonetheless!)
For those who are waiting ;-) Here is my additonal top 5 list of Original Bottljngs above 80 Euros. The reason why I post this top 5 separately from yesterday's list is simple: These bottlings here are great malts but they are surely not in the bang-for-your-buck category... And there is even a higher class like the Ardbeg Single Casks, Port Ellen, Brora or old Springbank, Bowmore, Lagavulin or Talisker OBs but so far in my life I haven't been able to try any of them as most of them go in the 500€ + region - too much for Schnaps in my humble opinion... not to forget my philosophy of concentrating myself only on available bottlings :-)

So here we go:

1. Highland Park 25yo (I loved the old version with 50,7%, my first expensive bottling with around 110 Euro, today it is much higher)
2. Laphroaig 25yo (I only tried the non cask strength version at 40%, a fantastic dram already - don't even imagine the cask strength bottling...)
3. Amrut Intermediate Sherry - fantastic sherried whisky, incredible taste - grab a bottle if you can, maximum recommendation and not too expensive (around 85-90 Euro)
4. Talisker 25yo (unfortunately the new bottling from 2013 is no longer in cask strength which will surely affect the quality - so try to grab one of the former versions)
5. The Glenlivet Archive 21yo (a very "aristocratic" dram, offers all you ask for in a good whisky, old school)