My personal way of scoring Whisky
Throughout the whisky world there are many different ways of scoring whisky. The most common one is the 100 points scale. Many of the most important bloggers and whisky experts use this system, dedicating up to a maximum of 25 points for each the nose, tongue, mouthfeel and aftertaste. This score is reasonable and quite fair I must say, as even a whisky with a weak nose eg can get a good score if it scores well in the other categories. But it is also complicated and quite complex as it requires a quite professional way of tasting and a very systematic approach in order to fulfill to the system. Too complicated for me as I want to enjoy whisky on a more easy and unconventional way. I rely much more on my first impressions once I got a whisky in my glass. I rather judge the overall impression and the combination of nose, taste and aftertaste - only a good balance of these three make a whisky a good whisky - in my personal view, of course. This is why my scores go up to a maximum of 20 points and are not divided into different criteria. I give comprehensive scores and divide whisky into the following five categories:

Up to 10 points: whisky worth trying but no more
10,5-12 points: quality is ok, solid
12,5-14 points: good whiskies
14,5-16: very good whiskies
16,5-18: excellent to stars
Above 18: megastars
I have to admit that so far I have never given a score higher than 19 - the journey of finding THE whisky of my life is still going on... Maybe one day I will score the 20, we will see. So please don't take my score for serious, it's just a way of evaluating what I got in my glass :-)