Do I have favourite distilleries?
... well that's a difficult question. First of all I have not tasted enough malts from all distilleries to answer to this question correctly. I think you should at least try a minimum of ten bottlings from various years of destillation and from different casks to really be able to judge whether you like the overall character and the overall profile of a distillery. So far I have only identified three distilleries where I can definitely answer with a clear YES to the character and YES to the profile (jummie...) - these are Bunnahabhain, Port Ellen and Clynelish. By the way - this does not automatically mean that my favourite bottlings would also come from the same distilleries - there are single gems from other distilleries which I scored even higher, I am talking about... hm, no, I will not go on now - let's wait for the right moment ;-) But that's what is one of the great characteristicas of single malt whisky - there is hardly bad malt. Other great distilleries (my second choice, so to say) which I like are Springbank, Laphroaig, GlenDronach and Glenfarclas.