Only focus on Islay whiskies?
Bullshit. Islay whiskies are building their own class of course but there are many other brilliant single malts out on the market. It would be much too simple to only focus yourself and your whisky life on Islay, you will miss many nice experiences. Have you ever tried a zesty grapy Clynelish from the Northern Highlands or a sherry monster from Glenfarclas or GlenDronach? What about a tropical fruity Imperial or a salty-malty Springbank that nearly breaks the glass because of its power and strength? Peaty whiskies indeed are offering another dimension to a single malt but it is definitely not the only interesting one to try. Whisky is so complex - it’s really worth trying all regions and all types of cask finishes, from sherry to wine or even other distillates like Cognac. Enjoy this journey, it will probably never end! By the way, I also love an ultra-clean Bowmore or a well-balanced Bunnahabhain, not to forget the other great Islay malts of course ;-)