Best value for money series of Independent Bottlers (Top ten list)
This is a very personal listing based on my experiences so far and surely far away from being complete. I only included indie bottlers here from whom I have at least tried five good bottlings in order to be able to give a more or less qualified statement. And following my search for the best value for money that offer great malts for reasonable prizes – there are fantastic series which I like pretty much which haven’t made it to my list because of their ambitious prizes. So don’t compare my listing with your own experience, see it as what it is – a personal list of one of all the malt aficionados out there looking for a good and fairly prized dram ;-) And don’t forget – I am focusing on the series rather than on the whole portfolio of these bottlers. Maybe one day I will be able to give an overview over the best indie bottlers – independently from the series they offer and the prizes.
Enough said, here we go (in alphabetical order, don’t interpretate too much ;-)):

• A.D. Rattray – Cask Collection: cask strength single malts, great bottlings around
• Anam na-h Alba: cask strength single malts, some very good bottlings
• Bladnoch Distillery – Bladnoch Forum Bottlings: cask strengts single malts
• Cadenhead – Authentic Collection: cask strength single malts from the oldest independant bottler from Campbeltown
• Caminneci & Schrauth – C&S Dram Collection: cask strength series, very nice single malts in this collection
• Meadowside Blending – The Maltman: single casks, bottled at 46%, new series by Donald Hart (former CEO of Hart Brothers)
• Murray McDavid – Gold and Silver Tin Series: mainly finished in wine casks, selected by Jim McEwan, godfather of Bruichladdich Distillery
• Signatory Vintage – The Unchillfiltered Collection: bottled at 46%, vatted bottlings, some rare and hidden gems around (I am specially thinking of a 15yo Imperial and a 14yo Glenlivet)
• The Whisky Exchange – Elements of Islay: THE Islay single malt collection at cask strength, unfortunately in 0,5l bottles
• Villa Konthor - Whisky & Chocolate Series: Very nice single cask bottlings in cask strength in combination with the right chocolate for each malt, made by a professional chocolatier – a great experience and highly recommended!

There are many others that offer fairly priced bottlings like Berry Brothers & Rudd, David Stirk's Exclusive Malts, The Golden Cask by Mr. Whisky, the Ultimate Whisky Company or Weiser Private Collection, but I wanted to focus on the ones from whom I have tasted enough bottlings to feel being in the position of fairly judging. As always, these are my own personal impressions, of course.