My top 10 Official Bottlings offering great value for money
Please remind the headline – I do not claim that there are no better Official Bottlings. The ones I list are my personal winners in the category great value for money; you may have some completely different ones in your own list and that’s perfectly fine. So here we go - for prizes please check online, all are below 80 Euros (there will be another list within the next days with my 5 personal favorites going beyond this limit).

1. GlenDronach 15yo Revival - fantastic, big Sherry, full bodied
2. Springbank Rundlets & Kilderkins - very rich, malty, salty, light smoke
3. Amrut Fusion - try yourself, you will never believe that this is Indian single malt
4. Ardbeg Ten - a true classic, smoky, great whisky
5. Talisker Distiller's Edition - perfect balance, great combination of Talisker and Sherry (Amoroso)
6. Laphroaig 18 - replaces the old 15yo - a very complex Laphroaig, offering much more than just peat and smoke
7. GlenDronach Cask Strength - another one in this list... this one offers maximum sherry for a very friendly price
8. Lagavulin 16yo - will not be excluded from any best of list, I guess
9. Glenfarclas 21 yo - the best standard Glenfarclas in my opinion
10. Longrow CV - a very nice smokiness, salty and great balance